What can we do for you?

Hazard House prides itself on making your business shine with professional and engaging short-form animations, whether it be summarising yourself in a 60-second explainer video, or covering advertisement and online content.

We visually represent a vast variety of companies and focus on what their services stand for. Our team has the passion and dedication to match any budget and brief.


We work closely with Mirrorworld to create enlivened tutorials on the most proficient method to securely set up their products. Their latest item, TV Mirrors, have had numerous inquiries surrounding them, which is where we came in and produced an array of animations to help their clients gather a more in-depth understanding of the product.


Cai Rourke Fitness has used our services since the beginning of its career and has achieved major milestones on social media with our promotional material.

A Professional Make-Up team with a 20-Year Career working in the varying fields of TV, Film & Photographic Stills, ByLauraMayers approached us with the task of animating their logo.

One Hour later, we delivered a long-lasting commercial asset guaranteed to be reutilised countless times in promotional material.

Aromasaurus Logo PNG.png
Sponge Image Sample.png

Aromasaurus took online market places by storm during the pandemic with its innovative Soap Sponges, which have already amassed in over 180 different scents and been endorsed by multiple social media influencers including TV Personality Stacey Solomon.

We've supported Aromasaurus ever since it was originally Chloe's Makeup, advising them on how to boost their social media clout and ensuring its marketing and packaging are consistent in quality.